Go and grow.

An occasional reminder: growth is there where you’re scared to go.

Nikita Sirovskiy
2 min readJan 30, 2023

Recently on the work I was given more responsibilities. I was happy. This was another step towards one of my personal goals. Couldn’t be better, right?

Although my body have met it with stress and fear. But… why? This is growth. It is definitely not a tragedy. It is a very good chance to learn a lot of new things. So why do I fear?

Reason one, the fear of change.

I can’t be sure, but that would be my dialogue with my body (the body goes first):

— Hey boss, we’re quite good here where we are… Why to break the order of things?

— We’re going break things in order to grow. We’re going out of the comfort zone. Trust me, it will be alright.

The comfort zone, yes. And this is normal. It is meant to protect us. Unfortunately this mechanism doesn’t always work as intended, but what can we do.

Well, we can just go and face the challenge. Just jump into the wild river, do our best and see what happens. You must trust yourself. You’ll learn how to do it. You’ll nail it. You’ll grow.

Be patient, be curious, learn from others. I bet that whenever you get new responsibilities there’s definitely someone around you who can mentor you during your learning period. A mentor can teach you by telling you their failures and showing the dos and don’ts.

Ask for help. Help requests must be met kindly. Everyone in your company must be interested in helping you doing your work better. If it is not about your company, then you should consider either switching your job or trying to change the atmosphere in your company.

Reason two, the fear of evaluation

In the depth of our mind we can be scared of evaluation. Even from our loved ones. We fear to be told we’re not as good as we think we are. Especially in such new things as a new role in the team.

We’re scared that if we fail the people around us will change their opinions. We fear to be fired.

This brings us to the comfort zone problem again:

— Hey boss, the people around are so kind to us… But if we fail, they will know we’re an impostor. Let’s stay where we are as here we’re doing just great!

— We’ll learn how to do these new things greatly soon. Don’t worry.

A new journey might be full of uncertainty, difficulties and stress. But that is okay. This is the way to grow.

Your company must be interested in your growth. It is a known fact that every person has gone through a learning process at some point in their life. So it’s fine to fail. Moreover, to fail is one of the best ways to learn. Remember the babies and how they learn to walk.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And don’t be afraid to grow.

Peace and light to your house.



Nikita Sirovskiy

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